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Where, What, and When?

Con Suite is located on the second floor of the Hyatt in rooms 223-226. Con Suite provides free food and non-alcoholic beverages to any and all guests, members and volunteers. We open up around noon on Friday and remain open until early Monday afternoon, barring breaks for cleaning, melt downs, alien invasion, etc.

Is/are alcohol/tobacco/vapes/drugs allowed in Con Suite?

No. We’re not here to interfere with anyone’s good time, but if you’re caught blatantly consuming any of the above in the con suite, you will be asked to leave.

Can I use my own water bottle/flask/thermos/sippy cup?

Yes, please do. Not only is it better for the environment, but the less  I spend on disposable cups, the more I have for food.

Is that a tip jar?

No. We’re not allowed to accept gratuity. We can, however, accept donations for this year’s official charity. ALL monies that go into the jar are handed over to Charity Ops.

How can I help?

Be patient and considerate, we’re volunteers, and we’re just as sleep deprived as you. Clean up after yourself, the cleaner the room stays, the less we have to shut down for cleaning. Volunteer, information on volunteering at Dragon Con can be found here. Ask Someone, each shift has a lead who’ll be happy to find something for you to do.